MyWi 6 Cracked Download

One of the most used apps on iPhones – the MyWi 6 has been voted as the best wifi tethering app. With it you can tether your iDevice to a laptop, iphone etc.


Of course everyone doesn’t like to pay to use such an app that is almost like a utility and frequently used. And moreover, the same process done by MyWi 6.0 is done on other non Apple devices like android phones entirely for free. So as many other apps, software, games, movies, music etcetera, this app has also been modified by open minded people and therefore we now have the MyWi 6 Cracked.

The MyWi 6 Cracked has absolutely the same functionality as its non-cracked brother, with the only difference that it comes free and you can download it here on this page.

Some of the main features of this version of MyWi 6.0 Cracked are:
Create iPad or iPhone WiFi Hotspot to connect mutiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone/iPad’s internet connection

  • 40 bit and 104 bit security via WEP to prevent unwanted users from accessing the WiFi HotSpot you created
  • with it you are able to enable USB and Bluetooth Tethering from your iPhone or even iPad
  • broadcasts the SSID (Network Name) – you do not need to make a new adhoc network on your laptop
  • shows upload and download usage of bandwidth for iPhone WiFi Tethering as well as iPhone USB Tethering
  • depletes the battery in a lighter fashion and is very much faster than other tethering applications due to native routing

Once you download MyWi 6 you will be able to enable wifi tethering extremely easy. It will be as simple as pressing the wifi button ad then you will be broadcasting your wireless signal.


With this app you will be able to use your phone to “lend” internet connection to someone who at a certain moment needs it urgently. You will be able to tether connection to your own devices and use the simcard’s data plan for internet connection for your other devices. Becoming a wifi hotspot you create your own means of connecting to the internet and stop relying on an internet supplier, who at some point might become unreliable and disrupt your internet connection at a crucial for your work moment. Using the cracked mywi 6.0 gives you the opportunity to have independence when it comes to internet connection, provided you have cellular coverage or 3d coverage and network access.

To download MyWi 6.0 Cracked follow this link here:


How to install:

After you download the MyWi 6 deb file you should choose the option to open it in iFile. Once iFile opens then you should click Select Installer. After that what you must do is respring and then you are done, you have installed the cracked mywi 6 app.

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